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By G&R, Feb 6 2017 05:55PM

An interview by Walter Filiputti published in December for his anthology of the 4 elements.

A book that illustrates the "excellence", a collection of "the best" in their fields, a tale of choices, quality and proficiency.

Needless to say that we're extremely grateful and so proud to be part of it!

A huge "Thank You" goes to Teresa Covaceuszach who fell in love with us and made things happen :-)

The beautiful volume we've been assigned to is called "Air"

With Laura Tessaro at photoshooting feat. GUSHI & RAFFUNK

This is it! Thank you universe!

By G&R, Apr 26 2016 04:37PM

S a k e C o c k t a i l P a r t y

Happy Hour a base di sonorità e improvvisazioni.

Happy People provenienti da emisferi diametralmente opposti:

lei da quello sud, lui dal nord, insieme a formare un solo mondo.

Gushi & Raffunk creano una musica unica in un atto catartico.

Un’esperienza unica per sperimentare un mix di culture e sonorità.

Giovedì 28 aprile 20.00 – 22.30 al Visionario

via Asquini 33 - Udine

By G&R, Aug 13 2015 03:55PM


Artistic Music Aperitif


MapArt "Reload"

Dopo il grande successo dei lunedì al Visionario, ci regaliamo MapArt!

La musica di Gushi & Raffunk si fonderà con le favolose opere di diversi artisti e i deliziosi cocktail del Bar più Visionario di Udine! Vi aspettiamo numerosi!!

Tutti i lunedì d'estate

dalle 19.00 alle 21.00

Visionario Garden

Via Asquini 33 - Udine

Concept and Music by GUSHI & RAFFUNK :-)

By G&R, Apr 28 2015 10:51AM

Far East Film Festival GUSHI & RAFFUNK "In-Loop"

Kren VS Wasabi a cura di Slow Food Friuli

Un aperitivo a base di due gusti pic-canti, provenienti da emisferi diametralmente opposti. Il tutto condito dalle sonorità e improvvisazioni di due musicisti anch’essi provenienti da due emisferi: lei da quello sud, lui dal nord, insieme a formare un solo mondo.

Gushi & Raffunk ci stupiranno con le loro sonorità e improvvisazioni, attraverso un DJ set serale accompagnato da abbinamenti culinari forti, per ridere (e piangere) in un atto catartico e purificatore.

Giovedì 30 aprile, 19.00 – 20.30 @Visionario Udine

By G&R, Mar 26 2015 04:20PM

GUSHI & RAFFUNK sarà Resident Music Designer

@ RMC Buddha-Bar Monte Carlo / Radio

Web radio unica al mondo! È la prima e unica web radio ufficiale del Buddha Bar Monte Carlo, il famoso locale noto per il suo glamour e le raffinate scelte sonore. Solo RMC Buddha Bar Monte Carlo/Radio trasmette infatti in esclusiva 24 ore su 24 le sonorità rese celebri dal Buddha Bar, facendo rivivere le sue ricercate atmosfere e il suo mood unico al mondo.

Il music designer Papa Dj, resident al Buddha Bar Monte Carlo, e i guest provenienti dai Buddha Bar internazionali propongono dj set originali, inimitabili alchimie sonore e preziose session musicali studiate appositamente per MC Buddha Bar Monte Carlo/Radio.

RMC Buddha Bar Monte Carlo vi porta nel cuore del Buddha Bar.

By G&R, Feb 18 2013 04:23PM

Global Grooves 4 Winner of World Luxury Award 2012

Extremely happy to be part of this excellent compilation!! :-)

We are very proud to announce that the Porsche Design “Global Grooves 4”, mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal, is winner of the World Luxury Award 2012 in the category design & accessories. Held in Monte-Carlo (Monaco), the World Luxury Award is focused on luxury brands to reward the creative excellence in advertising, design and multimedia.

The “Global Grooves 4” is now the 5th CD in the row which DJ Jondal has mixed and compiled for Porsche Design. It was released in August 2012 as limited edition (only 6.000 CDs worldwide) with a laser coated metal plate especially for the 40th anniversary of Porsche Design. Agency: Kemper Kommunikation Frankfurt.


By G&R, Sep 28 2012 08:25PM

Proud & Happy of being part of this great Limited Edition!

Mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal for Jondaljazz.

Mastering by Mathias Schober for SHOW-B Entertainment.

© 2012 Porsche Design Group, www.porsche-design.com.

℗ 2012 NOSTRUM Medienagentur in cooperation with Jondaljazz.

All rights of the producers and owners of the work produced reserved. Unauthorized copying, lending, hiring, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Made in the E.U.

The tracklist of this great Limited Edition compilation is the following:

01. GUSHI & RAFFUNK Sound Of You (Beat Ambasada Remix)

02. MIRAGE OF DEEP Twelve Nights

03. CATHY BATTISTESSA Calling (James Bright Mix)

04. INCARNATIONS Let Love Find You (Pepe Link Remix)

05. PRAFUL Moon Glide (Mark Rae & Rhys Adams ARP Remix)

06. SHOW-B Jammin' (Black Label Edit)

07. LAID BACK Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)

08. PITCHBEN Unique (Alexander Maier 1to11 Remix - Short Version)

09. CLELIA FELIX The One You Need (Extended Mix)

10. KHAN feat. JULEE CRUISE Say Goodbye (LoSoul Mix)

11. GANGA New Beginning

12. NEOBE, ADANI & WOLF featuring PRAFUL Voyage

13. ALOAN Invisible

Note: This is an exclusive promo CD, not for sale.

Thank you all for your precious support :-))

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